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To build muscles & get stronger
This meal plan is perfect for those who have a very active lifestyle and want to keep their energy levels on top all day. It is also adapted for those who are actively training and want to increase their muscle mass, endurance and performance. It contains at least 120g of proteins per day, rich in healthy carbohydrates and high in calories. There are 2 options : 2050 kcal and 2500 kcal to adapt to your height, weight and activity.


This meal plan is designed to help those who are working out daily to build-up muscles and improve their performance.

It is possible to give enough to your body with food and improve your performances, without taking supplements, while keeping the pleasure of good food.

It is rich in proteins, to help you build muscles, and healthy carbohydrates, essential to give you the right energy to improve your sport performances. While the proteins are the building blocks of the muscle, the healthy carbohydrates give the energy needed to put these building blocks together.

The High Energy meal plan incorporates the right amount of these macronutrients so you get the right level of energy while working out and recover faster. With a range of snacks that can be taken after working out, you will give your body the best support to improve your muscle mass, but also your endurance, cardio and power.
With a range of super food this meal plan will also give you the best of plants to reach the best of your performances.


- Good source of quality proteins to increase your muscle mass
- Can also fit those who want to increase their endurance
- Right energy through foods and not supplements
- Small snacks to maximise the recuperation after training


- Choose from our formulas, if you want to go for 2 or 3 meals per day.
To ensure you get better results, breakfast is always included in our programs to start the day on the best nutrition basis. (For all 2-meal plans, you will receive a truncated calories intake)
- Our meal plans include 1, 2 or 3 courses per meal and up to 2 snacks per day.
- It will help to adjust the level of calories all along the day.
- Depending on your gender, height and weight, we offer you 2 levels of calories to better fit your needs.

Not sure which level of calories will be the best for you? Feel free to contact us
The duration you want:

-  3 to 5 days for a quick trial
-  2 weeks what we recommend as a minimum
-  3 weeks to 1 month for greater results
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Delivery Time
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Delivery Fees
Meal plans - Free.
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- 350 HKD New Territories
Reusable Containers Option (Catering only)
For order under 2500 HKD : 250 HKD (Delivery) + 250 HKD (Pickup) = 500 HKD. For order over 2500 HKD :  250 HKD (Delivery) + 0 HKD (Pickup is FREE) = 250 HKD.


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