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A crew of passionate Chefs with ecology at heart


We cook, we deliver, YOU ENJOY, we pick up!

Our homemade meals are prepared everyday with seasonal products
sourced with the best suppliers in Hong Kong.
Designed by chefs formed in a Michelin star restaurant and validated by a
nutritionist, our recipes share the same DNA: the passion of good food.
From a traditional Cantonese Char Siu or a typical Italian Tiramisu our
cuisine is from Hong Kong, France, India, Thailand… and have the mission
to give you the best of each culture.

We are proud to offer a global zero waste solution!

Our entire logistic is built around eco-responsibility.
Thanks to your order in advance, there is no food wastage and we have developed a way to keep warm your dishes for up to 5 hours after delivery. Our glass jars, enamel platters and wooden trays not only bring an authentic design and a homemade touch in harmony with our recipes but are infinitely reusable and washable.

#nowaste   #noplastic

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