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Made for food lovers who care about their diet and the planet.

Created by a Chef and a Nutritionist

Why do you have to choose between healthy and tasty for your specific diet?

At Bain Marie, we believe that great food is as important as your health.
That’s why our Meal Plans have been designed & created by our Chef and our nutritionist, with the right amount of nutrients & calories to fit your health needs. Delivered daily to your door, your meals are cooked in Vegware sustainable packaging for a minimal environmental impact.

Whatever diet you are on, with our 4 meal plans offering each one 2 levels of calories, we got you covered.


  • Adapted. 4 meal plans with 2 levels of calories (low or high)
  • Complete. 3 or 2 meals per day with Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Varied. Not just one main course, but a mix of starters, desserts and even snacks
  • Flexible. 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20 days package
  • Affordable. Start for 3 days or a week:
  •  – Low calories level plans: From 270 HKD per day for 3 meals or 190 HKD per day for 2 meals
  •  – High calories level plans: From 333 HKD per day for 3 meals or 257 HKD per day for 2 meals

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Choose your meal plan

2 meal plans and 2 levels of calories to fit each one's needs

Chef carefully prepares your healthy meals

Recipes are elaborated by our Nutritionist and our Chef to be as healthy as delicious.

Delivered at your location.
Warm it up & Enjoy!

You are delivered early morning between 5am and 8am depending on your location. Pick up your meals at your door and you are good to go !

Why choose Bain Marie Meal Plans?

A Chef’s cuisine

Daily cooked with fresh seasonal & quality ingredients, our recipes are different every day. For each meal plan it’s not just one main course but a mix of starters, desserts and even snacks. A gourmet cuisine made by truly epicureans, who believe that eating should be a delightful experience every single day.

Recipes created with a nutritionist

We partnered with Emilie Berthet Clairet, Doctor and Nutritionist in Hong Kong, to elaborate healthy recipes for balanced menus. With 2 different types and 2 levels of calories each, Bain Marie meal plans are designed to fit everyone’s needs; providing nutrition facts daily to control one’s diet. A strict selection of quality fresh food including organic vegetable and fruits, non-GMO, no hormones, preservatives or antibiotics for our meat & fish.

Easy & convenient

  • Order your meal plan online, at the latest before 5pm on previous day.
  • Every day we deliver your meals at your office or your home, no later than 7.00 am. Ready to warm it up and to enjoy!


Emilie Clairet, Doctor and Epicurean Nutritionist

With a passion for nutrition, fitness and holistic health, Emilie became a nutritionist and holistic practitioner few years ago. Her approach recognises that everyone is different; with varying genetics, tastes and lifestyles, and that each person has their own healthy way of life to find.

Doctor in Medicine in France (Paris VI) & certified in Sport and Nutrition (HK University), Emilie doesn’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” diet or exercise regimes. Instead, she focuses on the diversity of her clients and their individual traits to help them become healthier and establish “good habits”, taking into account each individual’s unique lifestyle.

Most people can stick to short-term plans or regimes. What’s harder is making long-term, positive changes for sustainable results – a “healthy habit” is only really healthy if you keep it for good. Emilie understands this and uses her comprehensive medical background to apply a holistic approach to each and every patient, helping them feel better about themselves and setting them up for health and success in the future.

Visit her website Holistic Nutrition HK

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