Meal plans

Where can I get delivered?

For catering orders, we deliver all over Hong Kong except Outlying Islands (No delivery in all Lantau as well)

When can I be delivered? Where can I put my delivery time?

You can be delivered between 7 am and 8 pm from Monday to Sunday. You can specify the hour in the "Order Note" section

When is the cut off time?

You can order up to 72h before the delivery date.

How much is delivery fee?

- 250 HKD Hong Kong, Kowloon
- 350 HKD New Territories

We work with dedicated and trustable drivers. They will adapt to your schedule for the delivery and pick up (can be done between 7.30 am and 8 pm from Monday to Sunday)

Can I order catering in New Territories? Why can't I select a district in New Territories?

We can deliver in New Territories. The order needs to be over 3500 HKD. When selecting the district, our system won't offer New Territories, you can put another district and mention as a comment that the delivery address is in New Territories. Make sure the order is over 3500 HKD. If it's not, our customer service will contact you and proceed to refund.

Is there any MOQ?

There is no MOQ for Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.
MOQ is 3500 HKD for New Territories.

How does Reusable Containers Option work?

Bain Marie is a crew of passionate chefs with ecology at heart. If you select the Reusable Containers Option, you will be delivered in a mix of wooden containers and metallic trays (See the pictures in "Order online") When delivering, our driver will arrange the pickup time according to your schedule. (can be done between 7.30 am and 8 pm from Monday to Sunday). This option is free of charge for orders over 2500 HKD. If your order is below 2500 HKD, the Reusable Containers Option is 250 HKD.

If you don't select the 0 waste option, we will deliver in cardboard trays.

Example 1: I want to order 2600 HKD of products. Delivery fees are 250 HKD, if I select the reusable container option, pick-up is offered. Total price is 2600 + 250 = 2850 HKD
Example 2: I want to order 2000 HKD of products. Delivery fees are 250 HKD, if I select the reusable container option, there are an additional 250 HKD. Delivery fee + pick up fee is 500 HKD. Total price is 2000 + 250 + 250 = 2500 HKD

In what kind of containers comes the food if I select 0 waste option?

If you selected 0 waste option, food arrives in:
- Wooden platters (same as on the website) for cocktails items
- Metallic trays with handles (Hot) for all the hot food (arrives in an insulated box that keep them hot for 2-3 hours)
- Wooden bowls for salads

For 0 waste delivery option, when can empty containers be picked up?

We work with our own drivers. They will do their best to come to collect the equipment according to your schedule. Pick-up can be done the same day (between 8 am and 7.30 pm) or the next day.

What is your Typhoon policy?

Risk of Typhoon 8:

If there is any risk of typhoon 8, we will contact you 3 days before typhoon date and ask if you want to maintain the order or postpone it.

1. If you decide to postpone the event we will credit 100% of the order amount on your wallet. This credit can be used for an other Bain Marie order within one year.
2. If you decide to maintain the order but it needs to be canceled within 48h before the order, you will be credited 50% of order amount on your wallet. This credit can be used for an other Bain Marie order within one year.

Are napkins, tongs and cutlery kit included?

Napkins are always included in your order. You can add a cutlery set (paper plate, wooden fork, knife, and spoon) for 3HKD per unit before paying.

If you want reusable cutlery and plates, you can rent them in the "Equipment" section.

Can you provide Waiters / Chef / Bartender?

We can provide waiters, chefs, and bartenders. Please contact us directly for a quotation.

Do you do Tailor-made?

We can do Tailor-made products. You can send your request to [email protected]

Do you deliver hot?

If you select the reusable option, we can provide food tags. You can request it in the "Order Note" section.

Can you provide food tags?

If you select the reusable option, we can provide food tags. You can request it in the "Order Note" section.

Do you deliver hot?

- All of the Main meals are delivered hot. They arrive in an insulated box that can keep them hot for 2-3 hours.
- All the cocktail items (Savoury and sweet cocktails) are delivered cold. As it's small items, they won't remain hot after delivery / on the buffet. They are all adapted to be eaten cold. if you want to eat them hot, you can rent a heating Lamp in the "Equipment" section.

Do you provide help to set up buffets?

Our drivers can help you to set up the buffet. They are experienced and know how to do it.

What is a Meal Plan?

Meal Plans are calorie-controlled meals daily delivered to your door.
Choose between 4 Diets and 2 options to precisely select your nutrition intake according to your goals.
All the meals are freshly chef-cooked, and validated by a nutritionist.

Where can I get delivered?

For meal plan orders, we deliver all over Hong Kong Island + Kowloon, TKO, and Lohas Park.

How much is the delivery fee?

Delivery is free of charge for Meal Plans

What is the delivery time?

All the meals for the day are delivered early morning (from 4am to 8am) in insulated bags with ice packs. And therefore can safely wait for you to wake up and start your day.

When is the cut-off?

You should order before 5 pm two days before the first day of your meal plan. If you want to start your meal plan on Monday, the cut-off is 5 pm on the previous Friday.

On which days do you deliver?

We deliver every week day (Monday to Friday) except on Public Holidays.

How many meals per day can I choose?

You can choose from a minimum of 2 meals per day.
Full day ; Breakfast + Lunch ; Breakfast + Dinner ; Lunch + Dinner.
A Snack can be chosen as an extra meal if you choose the High Calories option.
We can't deliver only one meal as it doesn't cover our delivery cost.

How long can I keep the meals?

Meals should be stored in a fridge and eaten on the day of the delivery.

Do you accept special requests?

We always try our best to accommodate special requests and food allergies. Feel free to leave a note about it during your ordering process.
If an ingredient can be removed from a dish, we will remove it.
If it cannot, we will replace the Lunch with a Dinner or the Dinner with the Lunch of the day on the same plan.
If it cannot be replaced by the other meal of the day on the same plan, we will replace the meal with the vegetarian diet version.
Some ingredients cannot be removed like garlic or onions for example because they are at the base of the dish and mixed early in the preparation process.

Can I pause my plan?

Absolutely. Contact us 48 working hours in advance by email ([email protected]) and we will pause your plan.

What is the difference between the plans?

- Light Diet (1250 or 1500 kcal) is designed to help you lose weight and is low on carbs.
- Balanced Diet (1550 or 1800 kcal) incorporates the right balance between proteins carbohydrates and fat, to give the best combination to your body.
- High Energy (2050 or 2500 kcal) is high in protein to build muscles & get stronger.
- Vegetarian Diet (1500 or 1750 kcal) allows you to stop eating meat while keeping a good source of proteins and vitamins.

What is your sustainability policy?

We deliver the meals in VegWare (the world leader in eco-containers).
Those are plant-based, no plastic, compostable containers.
The insulated delivery bags and their ice packs are also picked up by our delivery team on the next delivery day to be cleaned and reused.

What is the difference between "Low Calories" and "High Calories" offers?

High Calories have an Extra Snack

What is the "Extra Prot" option?

If you select the "Extra Prot" option, we will add +50g of Meat/Fish on the Lunch (or Dinner if no Lunch is ordered).

How do you calculate your macros?

We calculate our macros with the nutrition data from https://ciqual.anses.fr/ (French government food agency)

How many days is a Meal Plan?

We have plans from 3 up to 20 days. You can't order for less than 3 days.

Where is your kitchen?

Our kitchen is in Wong Chuk Hang. We have a Food Factory license with HK Government and FEHD certification. We are also regularly audited by Compass and Sodexo.




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Bain Marie, 4 Heung Yip Road, Unit 21A, Wong Chuk hang, Hong Kong


Delivery Locations
We deliver all around Hong Kong for Catering. If you have a doubt, send us a note and we’ll do our best to deliver to you.
For Meal Plans, we deliver HK Island, Kowloon, TKO and Lohas Park.
Delivery Time
For meal plans, we deliver before 8AM at your door.For catering, we can deliver between 7.30am and 8pm.You can specify delivery time when ordering in "Order Notes" section.
Delivery Fees
Meal plans - Free.
- 250 HKD Hong Kong, Kowloon
- 350 HKD New Territories
Reusable Containers Option (Catering only)

Reusable containers option costs 350 HKD if the order amount is below 2500 HKD. Our driver will come to pick up containers according to your schedule.


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Existing orders (7/7 – 8 am to 7 pm): +852 5534 9430

Sales (Monday to Friday): +852 6736 9975

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