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What areas do you deliver ?
We deliver everywhere in Hong Kong except Lantau and outlying islands.

When shall I order ?
- For meal plans: cut off is 6pm two days before the first day of your meal plan. If you want to start your meal plan on Monday, the cut off is 6pm on previous Friday

- For catering: 48h before the delivery. If you are in a hurry, don't hesitate to write us to see if we can do it :D

Can I change / cancel my order ?
Yes it is possible by letting us know 48h before. You will be refunded on your Bain Marie wallet.


When will you deliver my order ?
- For meal plans: You will be delivered before 8am in the morning.

- For catering: We will make sure your order is delivered on your time schedule.

Where will you leave my order ?
- For meal plans: If this is your first order, we will call you when delivering. As we get used to delivering you, we will find a routine and leave your bag at your door or reception.

- For catering : You can let us know where you want to be delivered. Our driver will call you when delivering.

Zero waste solution details

- For meal plans: Food containers are disposable but from our sustainable Vegware supplier. Bags are reusable and will be collected the next day of delivery (For last day, you can keep the bag for yourself)

- For catering: You can select our zero waste option: Everything will arrive in reusable containers. There is a 150HKD extra cost covering the pick up of containers. If you don't select this option, everything will arrive in Vegware sustainable packaging.

What does Bain Marie means ?

Bain Marie comes from the namely cooking technique that consists of heating up a container of food in boiling water. It has the benefit of keeping flavour and nutrients of the ingredients, and suits perfectly the operation of food delivery service.

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