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Looking to boost your athletic performance?
Look no further than our Muscle Gain Meal Plan. Packed with healthy carbohydrates and proteins, this meal plan will help you build muscle, maintain energy levels, and support your sport routine.

We offer two calorie options, each tailored to your body’s needs. Our delicious meals will help you achieve your goals without sacrificing flavor or nutrition.

Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to gain muscle on your own and let us help you reach your fitness aspirations with ease. Learn more and order now! Learn More


29th May – 2nd June : See the menu

5th June – 9th June : See the menu

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    -  If you need to skip 1 meal or 1 day, we can add it back at the end of your package.
    -  If you have food allergy, indicate it here, we will try our best to adjust.

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