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Category : Bain Marie in the press

Bain marie featured in Hong Kong Madame

Chef cooked French meal delivered straight to your door Don’t want to be out and about shopping for groceries at this time? Working from home and looking to spice-up your routine with some gourmet meal deliveries or takeaways? Missing eating out in restaurants and enjoying chef cooked meals? We have rounded up our favourite chef cooked French meal delivery and takeaway services for you to enjoy a French feast in the comfort and safety of your home… Here to read […]


“This new zero-waste delivery concept will deliver sustainable home-cooked treats so you can eat well without worrying too much about your environmental impact. Weekly menus are available online, and dishes are made – as far as possible – from locally-sourced ingredients.” Here to read the rest of the article.

Bain Marie featured in Liv Magazine

“Love meal delivery but feel guilty about all that disposable packaging? New food delivery startup Bain Marie is looking to solve that dinner’s dilemma with a new concept where they deliver lunch in glass jars,…” Here to read the rest of the article.

Bain Marie featured in Hong Kong living

“In a city of hustlers, preparing your own meals from scratch is often a luxury, especially when you are too busy squeezing in an extra hour of sleep every morning. Lucky for us, meal plan deliveries are on the rise in Hong Kong, leaving us with little excuse to be negligent to our body. From healthy plant-based options to macronutrient balanced meals, here are a number of meal planners for you to choose from.” Here to read the rest of […]

Bain Marie featured in Green Queen

“Where To Eat (Plants) This December: New Vegan Restaurant Openings, Menus & Food News It is getting hard to keep up with Hong Kong’s vegan scene with so much going on. It’s never been easier to live that plant-based life. To help you out, we have highlighted the best in new menus, openings and more food news in our column. Here’s what’s new in plant-based dining this December. Enjoy!” Read full article here.  

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